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Policy Review Required to Protect Marbled Murrelets

A review of government policy on protecting wildlife habitat and more collaboration between government and industry are needed to protect the threatened marbled murrelet, the Forest Practices Board reported today.

Board Releases Review of BC’s Forest Planning

Victoria -Fundamental changes to the way forest development is planned in B.C. are recommended in a report released today by the Forest Practices Board. The report concludes the board’s provincewide review of the forest development planning process. Forest development plans are prepared by individual forest companies and the Ministry of Forests’ Small Business Forest Enterprise […]

Marbled murrelet habitat needed better protection

VICTORIA -A review panel has reversed a Ministry of Forests district manager’s approval of a cutblock in North Jervis Inlet that contains valuable marbled murrelet habitat after an appeal of the decision by the Forest Practices Board. Following a request from the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association in August, the board asked the review panel to […]