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Special Investigation Reports

  • Are Appropriate Reforestation Choices being made in the Interior Douglas-fir Biogeoclimatic Zone?

    This objective of this report is to assess whether an appropriate mix of tree species is
    being maintained in the Interior Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone of southern BC and
    implications for both timber and non-timber values if it is not.

  • Government’s Compliance and Enforcement Program

    A special investigation examining whether government’s compliance and enforcement framework is appropriate, with a focus on the Forest and Range Practices Act and Wildfire Act.

    The Board will report to the public on the results of this special investigation, addressing the structure and delivery of the Compliance and Enforcement program, after the completion of interviews, office work and analysis. The Board may make recommendations for improvement.

  • Woodlot Management and Practices in the Kootenay Lakes TSA

    The special investigation will determine if the roles and responsibilities of woodlot licensees, government and forest professionals in the Kootenay Lake TSA are clearly defined and understood, and are being carried out in a manner that ensures woodlot licensees are complying with forest practices legislation.