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Forest Watchdog Learning New Tricks to Adapt to Results-Based Regulations

VICTORIA – The Province’s independent forest practices watchdog is updating its approach to auditing and monitoring forestry operations to reflect emerging trends such as results-based regulation and third-party certification. In its 2003 annual report released today, the Forest Practices Board also reviews the impact of new forestry legislation, the need to protect endangered species habitats, […]

Appeal decision overturns logging in seabird habitat

VICTORIA – On Nov. 20, the Forest Appeals Commission struck down the Ministry of Forests’ approval of five cutblocks in the Queen Charlotte Islands. The decision keeps alive important options to conserve the old-growth habitat critical for the survival of the marbled murrelet, a threatened species. This area was the primary focus of wildlife inventories […]

Forest Practices Board Welcomes Identified Wildlife Management Strategy and Calls for Implementation of Other Code Measures to Protect Wildlife and Biodiversity

Victoria – BC’s independent watchdog for sound forest practices welcomes the government’s announcement of the Identified Wildlife Management Strategy. “The Identified Wildlife Management Strategy is one of the important pieces of the Forest Practices Code that we had identified as missing. The government’s announcement is a step in the right direction,” said Forest Practices Board […]

Prompt Action Needed to Protect Goat Habitat

Prompt government action to define goat winter ranges is needed to protect mountain goat habitat in the Chilliwack Forest District and to balance forest harvesting with wildlife habitat conservation, the Forest Practices Board reported today.