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Forestry Audit: Small Scale Salvage in the Cariboo Chilcotin Natural Resource District

In September 2018, the Forest Practices Board audited the Small Scale Salvage program in the Cariboo Chilcotin Natural Resource District. Small scale salvage is the harvest of individual trees or small patches of dead or damaged timber. During the one-year audit period, almost all small scale salvage activity in the district was aimed at addressing […]

Salvage logging of dead pine creating large openings in central B.C.

VICTORIA – A study released today says that government needs to ensure areas are set aside for biodiversity and wildlife before salvage logging of mountain pine beetle timber clears the forests close to roads and communities in the central interior of B.C. “At least seven very large openings have emerged on the landscape through a series […]

Board to conduct first audit of a small scale salvage program

VICTORIA– The board’s first audit of the Ministry of Forests and Range’s small scale salvage program will be conducted in the Kamloops Forest District starting Sept. 24, the Forest Practices Board announced today. Small scale salvage is the recovery of timber not considered economically viable by the major licensees and includes trees that are wind-thrown, […]

Salvage logging only one factor affecting Cariboo ranch

An investigation into a complaint from a rancher in the Cariboo-Chilcotin about the effects of mountain pine beetle and salvage logging on water flows has not found any precise answers, but identifies salvage logging as one of a number of contributing factors. This case underscores the need for greater knowledge about the effect of forest disturbance on watersheds.

Board to audit small scale-salvage program near Williams Lake

VICTORIA – The Forest Practices Board will audit the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development’s small-scale salvage program and salvage licence holders in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Natural Resource District, starting Sept. 24, 2018. Auditors will examine whether harvesting, roads, silviculture, fire protection and associated planning, carried out between Sept. 1, 2017, and Sept. 28, 2018, […]

Timber Salvage Harvesting and Fisher Management in the Nazko Area

Two trappers in the Nazko Area, near Quesnel complained to the Board that logging practices to salvage mountain pine beetle killed pine trees have removed fisher habitat on their trapline. They claim habitat loss will affect their livelihood and were concerned that salvage operations were not being managed to maintain fisher and other wildlife habitats. […]

Forest watchdog to investigate impact of pine beetle salvage

VICTORIA – The Forest Practices Board will investigate the impact of large-scale salvage of mountain pine beetle-killed timber on reforestation objectives, biodiversity, watershed protection and accumulation of forest fuels over the coming months. Fieldwork for the special investigation will begin this week, and the findings are expected to be released in early 2006. “Just as […]