Forest Watchdog Releases Annual Report for 1997

Victoria – The Forest Practices Board’s Annual Report for the calendar year 1997 was tabled in the legislature today by the Honourable David Zirnhelt, Minister of Forests. The report highlights the independent Forest Practices Board’s findings and conclusions on compliance with the Forest Practices Code and the achievement of its intent, based on the Board’s work in 1997.

“The Board is pleased to note that the results of its audits and complaint investigations to date indicate that forestry operations are generally in compliance with Code requirements,” says Board Chair Keith Moore in his opening statement, “There has been a general improvement in forest practices in BC and the Board believes this is associated with the introduction of the Code.” The statement from the Chair provides the Board’s views on Code compliance and effectiveness and on the changes to the Forest Practices Code made in June 1997. Where the Board found problems with forest practices or the Code, it made recommendations. The Board has been advised that many of its recommendations have been implemented by forest companies and by government.

The annual report summarizes the findings of four audits of forest practices of forest companies and one audit of the Ministry of Forests Small Business Forest Enterprise Program. It includes summaries of several investigations of complaints from the public. The report also highlights a number of administrative proceedings before the Forest Appeals Commission that the Board was involved with during the year.

Forest Practices Board
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May 12, 1998