How are your audits selected?

To begin with, auditors randomly select an area of the Province, such as a natural resource district. Then the auditors review the forest resources, geographic features, operating conditions and other factors in the area selected. These are considered in conjunction with the Board’s strategic priorities, and the type of audit is determined. At this stage, auditors choose the auditee(s) that best suit(s) the selected risk and priorities.

For example, in 2016, the Board randomly selected the Dawson Creek portion of the Peace Natural Resource District as a location for an audit. After assessing the activities within the area, auditors noted that there were two community forest agreements that had not yet been audited by the Board. As the Board strives to audit an array of licence types and sizes each year, these two community forest agreements were selected for audit.

For BCTS audits, a district or timber supply area within 1 of the 12 BCTS business areas in the province is selected randomly for audit. The audit selections are not based on past performance. Only those licensees or BCTS operations that have not been audited by the Board in the past five years are eligible for selection.

Please refer to the Forest Practices Board’s Audit information page for further details.