How can the Board be independent when the government funds you?

While the Board is accountable to the Minister of Forests, it does not report to the minister and does not receive its funding from the ministry. The Board receives its funding directly from the Treasury Board. The Board operates independently, deciding what audits and special investigations it will carry out, and must deal with all public complaints about compliance with, or enforcement of, the Forest and Range Practices Act and the Wildfire Act.

The Board provides copies of its reports and recommendations to the resource Ministers but these reports and recommendations are not approved or vetted by anyone prior to public release. The public receives reports at the same time as government.

Regardless of who’s on the Board, or who’s being audited or investigated, the Board’s findings are based on sound forest practices and compliance with the Forest and Range Practices Act, the Wildfire Act and regulations made under those acts. The Board uses the legislation to fairly and equitably assess all participants in audits, investigations and appeals. Board reports demonstrate our independence, many of which recommend improvements for government as well as industry.