Arrow Boundary Forest District Woodlots Licences W0408,W0475, W0479, W1470, W1832


Five woodlots in southern Interior get clean audits

VICTORIA – Planning and field activities undertaken in five woodlots in the Arrow Boundary Forest District in southern British Columbia were found to be compliant during an audit of their operations.

The audits of woodlot licences W0408, W0475, W0479, W1470 and W1832 were conducted in June 2007. The audits assessed for compliance with the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act, the Forest and Range Practices Act, Wildfire Act, Woodlot Licence Forest Management Regulation, and Woodlot Licence Planning and Practices Regulation.

“We’re pleased to note that the woodlot licensees in this randomly selected group have been demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements,” said board chair Bruce Fraser.

The audit examined each woodlot licence’s planning, field activities and obligations in the areas of:

  • operational planning (including forest development plans, site plans and woodlot licence plans);
  • timber harvesting;
  • road construction, maintenance and deactivation;
  • silviculture activities and obligations; and
  • fire protection at active work sites.

The only concern identified was three small sites in one woodlot where restocking practices needed improvement.

The Forest Practices Board is B.C.’s independent watchdog for sound forest and range practices, reporting its findings and recommendations directly to the public and government. The board:

  • audits forest and range practices on public lands;
  • audits appropriateness of government enforcement;
  • investigates public complaints;
  • undertakes special investigations of current forestry issues;
  • participates in administrative appeals; and
  • makes recommendations for improvement to practices and legislation.

January 29, 2008

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