Carrier Lumber Ltd. – FL A15429 and A15430 in the Headwaters Forest District


Carrier Lumber Ltd. gets good audit results

VICTORIA – Replanting obligations of financially strapped companies in the Robson Valley have been met by Carrier Lumber Ltd., according to a Forest Practices Board report.

In an audit of replaceable forest licences A15429 and A15430, the board found that road and bridge maintenance, silviculture activities and associated operational planning carried out by Carrier Lumber Ltd. complied in all significant respects with the requirements of the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act (the code,) the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and related regulations. Both licences were obtained by Carrier after previous licence holders were unable to maintain operations.

“The board has a general concern about what happens to forestry obligations when companies run into financial difficulties, and so we were particularly interested in auditing these two forest licences,” said board chair Bruce Fraser. “We are pleased that Carrier is addressing these outstanding obligations, and the board also commends Carrier for completing the silviculture plans of the previous licensee, including the planting of 560,000 seedlings – before it was officially given the forest licence by the Province.”

The two forest licences are located in the Robson Valley in east-central British Columbia, within the Rocky Mountain Trench, southeast of Prince George. The operating areas cover a long section of the Robson Valley from approximately 60 kilometres north of McBride to approximately 75 kilometres south of Valemount, including Kinbasket Lake.

The Forest Practices Board is B.C.’s independent watchdog for sound forest and range practices, reporting its findings and recommendations directly to the public and government. The board:

  • audits forest and range practices on public lands;
  • audits appropriateness of government enforcement;
  • investigates public complaints;
  • undertakes special investigations of current forestry issues;
  • participates in administrative appeals; and
  • makes recommendations for improvement to practices and legislation.

January 29, 2008

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