Cattle Grazing near the Kettle River in the Boundary Forest District

In July 2002, a Christina Lake resident submitted a complaint about the control of cattle within a range adjacent to the Kettle River, east of Grand Forks. A Grand Forks resident (the licensee) grazes cattle on the range, which is known locally as the Oxbow-Boothman range. The complainaint claimed there have been multiple contraventions of the range use plan (RUP) for the area. The complainant maintained that the licensee did not follow the grazing schedule, allowed too many cattle on the range, did not maintain the irrigation system, and allowed cattle within the riparian area adjacent to the Kettle River. The complainant also asserted that the Ministry of Forests failed to enforce the requirements of the RUP.

December 2, 2002

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Kootenay / Boundary