Closing Letter – Construction of Waterbars on Puggins Mountain Road

The Puggins Forest Service Road (FSR) runs west from Highway 52, approximately 55 kilometres to Puggins Mountain, southwest of Dawson Creek. It provides access to Crown land for outdoor recreationists and the forest and oil and gas industries.

On September 28, 2001, two long-time users of the road discovered that almost 100 waterbars had been constructed across the road, making it impassable to car traffic and difficult for pick-up traffic. These men have used the Puggins FSR without incident for more than 40 years, and they could not understand why the waterbars were required. They contacted the Ministry of Forests Dawson Creek forest district and their Member of the Legislative Assembly, and on October 11, 2001, they filed this complaint with the Forest Practices Board.

June 27, 2002

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