Cumulative Effects: From Assessment Towards Management

The Forest Practices Board has had growing concerns about the cumulative effects of resource use on the British Columbia (BC) land base for a number of years. In our work examining forest and range practices, it was often apparent that other activities were impacting the land and water; activities that were not regulated under the Forest and Range Practices Act.

The Board decided to undertake a cumulative effect assessment case study in the Kiskatinaw River watershed near Dawson Creek, looking specifically at effects of resource development on drinking water, soil and caribou habitat. The Board also reviewed current literature relevant to the subject of cumulative effects assessment. At the same time, the Board reviewed a project-specific cumulative effects assessment as part of the investigation of a public complaint about an independent power project. This summary report is about the learning gained from these separate but related processes.

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by Marvin Eng, FPB

March 1, 2011

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