Practicing Landscape Fire Management – Technical Bulletin

As a companion document to its special report, Forest and Fire Management in BC: Toward Landscape Resilience, the Forest Practices Board has produced a technical bulletin to help land managers put Landscape Fire Management into practice. The bulletin describes six key principles for practicing landscape fire management, including: 

  1. Defining the landscape 
  2. Understanding current and projected conditions 
  3. Understanding risks to values 
  4. Setting complementary wildland fire objectives across land use zones 
  5. Coordinating intervention 
  6. Adaptive management 

The technical bulletin also includes practical examples of how these principles can be incorporated into planning and practice. It is designed for land managers working for provincial, Indigenous and local governments, as well as industry. This includes forest professionals involved in forest landscape planning and protected area management, as well as land managers in the fields of fire management, water management, mining, transportation, oil and gas, energy and regulated companies in sectors whose activities have a direct bearing on the health of BC’s ecosystems. The Board has published this bulletin to inform dialogue and be a practical reference to assist land managers and natural resource practitioners in integrating fire and forest management across BC.

July 28, 2023

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