Approval of silviculture prescription for timber sale A48267 near Homesite Creek, Halfmoon Bay in the Sunshine Coast Forest District

In 1994, the Ministry of Forests Small Business Forest Enterprise Program (SBFEP) in the Sunshine Coast Forest District started planning to sell the right to harvest timber in a 26.8 hectare cutblock in a rural residential area near Homesite Creek on a peninsula between the communities of Secret Cove and Halfmoon Bay, approximately 20 kilometres from Sechelt.

Timber Sale A48267 was first described in the SBFEP’s 1994‐1998 forest development plan, and was shown in increasing detail on subsequent forest development plans for 1995‐1999, 1996‐2000 and 1997‐2001. The timber was originally scheduled to be logged in 1996.

February 1998


Natural Resource Region

South Coast


Sunshine Coast