Audit of Forest Planning and Practices and Forest Practices Code Enforcement on Nisgaa’a Lands

As part of the its 2001 audit program, the Forest Practices Board audited forest planning and practices on Nisga’a lands for compliance with the Forest Practices Code. The activities of West Fraser Timber, Sim Gan Corporation, Skeena Cellulose Inc. and the Ministry of Forests’ Small Business Forest Enterprise Program were subject to the audit. The Board also audited the appropriateness of government’s enforcement of forest practices legislation on Nisga’a lands.

These audits are required under Chapter 5 – Section 55 of the Nisga’a Final Agreement (the Agreement). The Agreement requires the Board to perform annual audits of compliance with and enforcement of forest practices legislation and forestry related requirements of the Agreement during a five-year transition period ending May 10, 2005.