Audit of Forest Planning and Practices: BCTS and Timber Sale Licence Holders – Boundary TSA and Kootenay Business Area

In May 2015, the Forest Practices Board audited the activities of BC Timber Sales (BCTS) and timber sale licence holders in the Boundary timber supply area (TSA). The TSA covers approximately 659 000 hectares of the southern interior, north of the international border. The TSA includes the Kettle River and Granby River drainages and the communities of Grand Forks, Midway, Greenwood, Rock Creek, Beaverdell and Christina Lake.

The audit found that BCTS’ planning and activities complied with legislated requirements. However, the audit found that a timber sale licence holder did not maintain natural surface drainage patterns on a road above unstable terrain. The Board considered that to be a significant non-compliance. The Board also found that all but one timber sale licensee need to improve their fire hazard assessment practices.

August 2015


Natural Resource Region

Kootenay / Boundary