Marmot in Skeena-Stikine

Audit of Forest Planning and Practices: Cassiar Forest Corp. – FL A64561 and Coast Mountain Hydro Corp. – OLTCs L46959, L49021 & L49136

As part of its 2012 compliance audit program, the Forest Practices Board selected Cassiar Forest Corporation (Cassiar) Forest Licence (FL) A64561 and Coast Mountain Hydro Corporation (CMH) Occupant Licences to Cut (OLTC) L46959, L49021 and L49136 for audit.

Both operations are located in the Skeena-Stikine District. Forest Licence A64651 is near the community of Bob Quinn Lake, which is approximately 380 kilometres north of Terrace. CMH’s licences are located approximately 37 kilometres west of Bob Quinn Lake, within the mid reaches of the Iskut River. The licences are for a run-of-river hydroelectric project and a related transmission line right-of-way.

June 2013


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Skeena Stikine