Audit of Forest Planning and Practices: Coast Tsimshian Resources LP – TFL 1

As part of the Forest Practices Board’s 2009 compliance audit program, the Board selected Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 1 for audit. TFL 1 is held by Coast Tsimshian Resources (CTR) limited partnership. TFL 1 is located in the Kalum Forest District and it includes four geographically separate blocks surrounding Terrace (see map on page 2).

Since 1986, TFL 1 has been held by Skeena Cellulose, NWBC Timber and Pulp, and New Skeena Forest Products. CTR acquired TFL 1 in 2005 when New Skeena Forest Products Ltd. was under creditor protection.

The Board’s audit fieldwork took place August 17 to 21, 2009.

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