Audit of Forest Planning and Practices: Nadina Natural Resource District – Woodlot Licences W0116 & W0199, W0117 & W0128, W1534 and W2065

As part of the Forest Practices Board’s 2017 compliance audit program, the Board randomly selected the Nadina Natural Resource District as the location for a full scope compliance audit. Within the district, the Board selected 11 woodlot licences near Burns Lake for audit: W0116, W0117, W0128, W0198, W0199, W1534, W1687, W1690, W1691, W2050 and W2065. This report explains what the Board audited and the findings for woodlots W0116 & W0199, W0117 & W0128, W1534 and W2065.

Burns Lake is surrounded by the Nechako Plateau’s low-rolling terrain and is forested with pine-dominated stands, where salvaging mountain pine beetle damaged timber has been a priority for several years. The government issued cut control exemptions or temporary cut uplifts to many of the woodlot licensees, providing them with the opportunity to salvage the damaged timber and regenerate young, thrifty stands.

The audit found that the licensees’ practices mostly complied with FRPA and the WA, but found significant non-compliance with annual reporting practices and silviculture obligations and also found fire hazard assessment practices require improvement.