Audit of Forest Planning and Practices: Western Forest Products Inc. – TFL 39, Block 1

As part of its 2013 compliance audit program, the Forest Practices Board selected Block 1 of Western Forest Product Inc.’s (WFP) Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 39 for audit. Block 1 lies within the Sunshine Coast district, near Powell River.

TFL 39 is made up of five distinct operating areas called blocks. Blocks 2 to 5, which are not part of the audit, are on Vancouver Island and on the mainland coast, northwest of Block 1. WFP manages Block 1 through its Stillwater Forest Operation, which is located in Powell River.

The forest in the southern portion of Block 1 is dominated by second growth Douglas-fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, red alder and amabilis fir. The northern portion of Block 1 contains mixed species of immature to old forest. WFP harvested about 500 000 cubic metres of timber from Block 1 during the one-year audit period.

December 2013


Natural Resource Region

South Coast


Sunshine Coast