Audit of Road and Bridge Maintenance and Silviculture Activities and Obligations – Canfor FL A17007

As part of its 2017 compliance audit program, the Board randomly selected the Fort Nelson Natural Resource District as the location for a compliance audit. Within the district the Board selected forest licence A17007, held by Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor), for audit.

This was a limited scope compliance audit with a one-year timeframe. As this licence is not currently active, only road and bridge maintenance and silviculture activities and obligations carried out between September 1, 2016, and September 13, 2017, were subject to audit.

The auditors found that the bridge maintenance practices carried out by Canfor on FL A17007 did not comply in all significant respects with the requirements of FRPA and related regulations, as of September 2017, and is an adverse opinion for these activities. Auditors found that Canfor’s road maintenance and silviculture activities complied with FRPA.

June 2018


Natural Resource Region



Fort Nelson