BC Timber Sales – Prince George Business Area, Mackenzie District: Forestry Audit

This audit examined the activities of the BC Timber Sales Program (BCTS) in the Mackenzie District. Numerous natural resources support a wide range of interests in the district—including recreation, trapping, guide-outfitting, tourism, wildlife and fish—creating challenges for BCTS and timber sale licensees that carry out forestry activities in the area.

Another challenge faced by licensees there is how to achieve free-growing silviculture milestones in areas prone to rust infection (a fungus that infects hard pines). Rusts can reduce tree growth and cause early mortality in pine stands, impeding the ability to achieve freegrowing status. However, on all cutblocks where the risk of rust infection was moderate or high, BCTS achieved free-growing, and it continues to work in collaboration with licensees and
the ministry to further enhance knowledge and management of pine rusts.

April 2012


Natural Resource Region