BCTS Cutblocks in Slocan Park

A group of residents of Slocan Park submitted a complaint about a British Columbia Timber Sales (BCTS) timber licence regarding harvest and harvest plans for four cutblocks in Slocan Park. The complainants were concerned that BCTS had not consulted with them effectively and that BCTS would not monitor road building and harvesting. As well, among their many other concerns, the complainants were worried that harvest would impact water supply, terrain stability, visual quality and fire risk.

The Board investigation considered the following:

  1. Did BCTS provide an effective opportunity for review and comment on the proposed cutblocks?
  2. Were assessments and subsequent prescribed measures reasonable?
  3. Will there be an unacceptable increase in fire risk?
  4. What is being done to ensure compliance with legislation and to mitigate impacts?

January 2010


Natural Resource Region

Kootenay / Boundary