Biodiversity Conservation on Mount Elphinstone, Sunshine Coast in the Sunshine Coast Forest District

In August 1999, two residents of the Sunshine Coast complained that forest practices in operational plans approved by the district manager of the Sunshine Coast Forest District (the district) did not adequately protect the habitat of mushrooms in mature forests. They believed that an approved road and cutblock in the Mount Elphinstone area, between Sechelt and Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, would eliminate mature forest habitat that supports many species of mushrooms.

The complainants were also concerned about the effects of the road construction and timber harvesting on dead trees and stumps scattered throughout the area, which are used by wildlife such as birds and small mammals. Snags are important for wildlife, particularly for birds that nest in cavities or feed on wood-boring insects. The complainants were concerned that snags would be removed by road clearing and clearcutting. The complainants also believed that cavity-nesting species would be more visible to predators near new forest openings.