Conservation of Species at Risk under the Forest and Range Practices Act: Marbled Murrelets on the Sunshine Coast

In July 2006, the district manager of the Sunshine Coast Forest District approved a FSP submitted by International Forest Products Limited (the licensee), that covered much of the Sunshine Coast Timber Supply Area and included a strategy for conservation of marbled murrelet habitat. With that strategy approved, the Board investigated how FRPA was being applied.

The initial objectives of the special investigation were:

  • to assess government’s objectives by comparing them with the objectives of a draft federal marbled murrelet recovery strategy;
  • to compare the anticipated results of the licensee’s forest stewardship plan with what is likely to be recommended for recovery of marbled murrelet populations in the plan area;
  • to assess the reliance on, and effectiveness of, resource professionals in the licensee’s planning processes around conservation of marbled murrelet nesting habitat; and
  • to assess the effectiveness of forest stewardship and sustainable forest management planning processes for informing the public of, and involving the public in, implementing conservation measures for marbled murrelet habitat.

April 2008


Natural Resource Region

South Coast


Sunshine Coast