Consideration of Water Impacts from Planned Woodlot Harvesting near Nakusp

On March 12, 2004, the Granite Ridge Water Users Committee (the complainant) asked the Board to investigate the approval of a forest development plan for a woodlot located near Edgewood in the Arrow Boundary Forest District. The complainant believes that approval of the FDP did not adequately consider water resources. The complainant makes the following assertions: a community watershed assessment was not completed; theCommunity Watershed Planning Guidebook was not followed; and the district manager’s approval of the plan did not adequately consider a hydrologist’s report (provided by the complainant) or hydrologic values. The complainant expects that logging and road building will affect the domestic water supply and wants the woodlot relocated to a less sensitive area.

September 2004


Natural Resource Region

Kootenay / Boundary