Consistency of forest development plans with Cariboo-Chilcotin land use plan

On December 12, 1995, a complaint was filed with the Board by representatives of five organizations. The complaint involved the 1995‐2000 forest development plans for areas within the Quesnel River watershed. This included 15 forest development plans prepared by five agreement holders and the Small Business Forest Enterprise Program in four Forest Districts. These plans had been approved in mid‐December, 1995.

The complaint named five agreement holders and four district managers who prepared and approved the plans as subjects of the complaint, as well as the Cariboo‐Chilcotin Regional Resource Board (RRB) and the Cariboo Mid‐Coast Interagency Management Committee (IAMC). The Board identified the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks and the Land Use Coordination Office (LUCO) as potentially affected by this investigation. The complainants, the subjects of the complaint and the affected parties are listed in Appendix 1. For ease of discussion, these 18 organizations are described as participants.

December 1996

Natural Resource Region