Evaluating Mountain Pine Beetle Management in British Columbia

Lodgepole pine is an abundant species in the interior of British Columbia (BC) and is important to the region’s forest economy. It is present in 9 of the 12 biogeoclimatic zones, occurring in 6 million hectares of forest across the region. Pine supplies as much as 80 percent of the annual timber harvest in some central interior forest districts and comprises 25 percent of the province’s timber supply.

The audit found the licensees operating in the Hallett landscape unit to be in compliance, in all significant respects, with the Forest Practices Code’s planning and practices requirements as they relate to MPB management within the audit area for operational planning; harvesting; road construction, maintenance and deactivation; site preparation; planting; and fire hazard abatement, for activities between September 1, 2002 and September 26, 2003.

August 2004


Natural Resource Region





Skeena Stikine

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