Forest Practices Code Enforcement in Upper Bridge River, Northwest of Gold Bridge, BC in the Lillooet Forest District

The complaint was filed by an environmental organization, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, which was concerned that harvesting in the Upper Bridge River area would impact on an adjacent wilderness area. The Sierra Legal Defence Fund frequently acted on behalf of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee. For convenience, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the Sierra Legal Defence Fund and members of both organizations are collectively referred to as “the complainant” in this report.

In mid-August 1996, the complainant reviewed a series of operational planning documents for an area in Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd.’s (the licensee) Upper Bridge River operating area northwest of Gold Bridge, BC. The complainant also did a field inspection of forest practices in the area. The complainant was concerned that operational plans and forest practices did not comply with the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and related regulations.

October 1999


Natural Resource Region

Thompson / Okanagan