Forestry Audit: Peace Natural Resource District – Woodlot Licences W0604, W1780, W1781 and W1950

As part of the Forest Practices Board’s 2018 compliance audit program, the Board randomly selected the Peace Natural Resource District as the location for a full scope compliance audit. Within the district, the Board selected five woodlot licenses near Fort St John for audit: W0604, W1780, W1781, W1950 and W2101. This report covers W0604, W1780, W1781 and W1950.

Two of the woodlots (W1780 and W1781) were affected by the Beaton Airport Road fire in 2016 and have had significant salvage harvesting.

The audit found that the licensees’ practices complied with the requirements of the Forest and Range Practices Act and the Wildfire Act.