Laird Creek Landslide

Laird Creek Landslide

This investigation looked at a landslide into Laird Creek that caused damage to the water supply of about 100 homes. The slide was caused by a combination of factors, including logging by the BC Timber Sales program that occurred in the area prior to 2007.

The Board investigation found that BCTS’s operational and technical practices were sound. Overall the Board finds that BCTS acted in a responsible manner after the slide event, though there was no legislated requirement for it to do so. BCTS conducted appropriate assessments; implemented the recommendations; stabilized the road and slide path; helped water users get their systems running; and, ensured water users had access to potable water.

This case brings to light broader issues regarding public policy and decision making, including potential gaps in regulation that go well beyond this specific instance, and the Board will examine those concerns separately, drawing on the results of this and other recent audits and investigations.

Closing Letter from Laird Creek Investigation in 2005

February 2013

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