Landscape Management around Carbon Inlet and Peace Reach on Williston Lake, Near Hudson’s Hope, BC in the Dawson Creek Forest District

In June of 1998, the Board received a complaint from a resident of Hudson’s Hope, a small community located above the Peace River in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Fort St. John.

The complainant was concerned about the scenic areas that had been identified and the visual quality objectives (VQOs) that had been established for the hillsides along the Peace Reach and Carbon Inlet areas of Williston Lake. Williston Lake is a large lake created by the WAC Bennett Dam approximately 15 kilometres west of Hudson’s Hope. Carbon Inlet is on the south side of the lake, 35 kilometres west of the dam. The complainant is a member of the Municipal Council of Hudson’s Hope and a member of a yacht club on Williston Lake. He also has a trapping cabin on Carbon Inlet.