Remediation Orders: How Effective Are They?

British Columbia’s Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and Wildfire Act (WA) are at the core of the provincial government’s stewardship framework, setting out rules that must be followed when forest or range activities are undertaken. If an activity results in a breach of these rules, and it is determined that FRPA or the WA has been contravened, government may order a licensee to remedy the harm.

During the course of this investigation, the Board looked at 55 orders made since 2004 under FRPA and the WA. Most of the orders investigated were in response to contraventions arising from road construction, timber harvesting, silviculture, fire suppression, and range use. The investigation found that some orders raised a concern as to whether or not they were enforceable. It also found that government’s response to non‐compliance with orders has been weak, and that the consequences for not carrying them out have been minimal.

November 2011


Natural Resource Region




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