Seismic line crossing of streams, east of Fort Nelson, BC

This report provides the results of the Forest Practices Board’s investigation into seismic line stream crossings near Little Hay River in Northeastern BC. While visiting Fort St. John in June 2000 during its special project examining forest development planning, the Board received photographs of newly completed seismic lines in the Little Hay River area near Fort Nelson. The photos appeared to indicate that stream crossings did not comply with the requirements of the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and regulations (the Code). On July 24, 2000, the Board decided to initiate a special investigation into the matter. The investigation examined compliance with the Code, and the appropriateness of government enforcement of the Code, related to those stream crossings.

Many people would not associate seismic line activity with the Forest Practices Code. The following information helps provide some context for this special investigation and explains how seismic activities are regulated under the Code.

November 2001


Natural Resource Region