Special Report on the Kemess South Mine Power Line Right-Of-Way

In June 2000, the Board published a special investigation report titled “Significant Breaches of the Forest Practices Code along the Power Line Corridor for the Kemess South Mine.” The report was based on an investigation of breaches of the Forest Practices Code along the right-of-way for a 340-kilometre power line built to service the Kemess South copper mine in northeastern BC. That report made a number of recommendations to address environmental problems and government enforcement of the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act (the Code).

The 2000 special investigation report was the first and, to date, the only case where the Board has found significant breaches of the Code. A significant breach is defined in the legislation as a breach of Code requirements “that has caused or is beginning to cause significant harm to persons or the environment.” The Board concluded that the failures to comply with Code requirements were causing significant harm to the environment and that government’s response to the reporting of significant breaches was inadequate and uncoordinated. In total, six separate breaches of the Code were identified.

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