Watershed Assessments for Little Cayuse Creek, Near Castlegar, BC in the Arrow Forest District

The Forest Practices Board (the Board) received a complaint about two cutblocks in the Little Cayuse Creek watershed near Castlegar, BC. The cutblocks were proposed by Pope and Talbot Ltd., Arrow Lakes Division (the licensee) and approved by the Ministry of Forests, Arrow Forest District (MoF). The cutblocks in question are Block 1 and Block 2 of cutting permit (CP) 355, Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 23.

The complainant was concerned that logging operations in the Little Cayuse Creek watershed would adversely affect the water quality of the creek. The complainant is a licensed water user. He needs a clear, consistent source of water for domestic consumption, to irrigate crops, and to generate electricityThe complainant asked the Board to defer logging of the cutblocks until further analysis could be completed and operational plans amended to incorporate the recommendations of the analysis.