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Comprehensive plan needed to save sensitive coastal plant communities

VICTORIA– The Forest Practices Board is recommending that the provincial government promptly finalize and implement an overall stewardship strategy for the coastal Douglas fir ecosystem (CDF) on Southeast Vancouver Island. The recommendation was made in a newly released board report, Woodlot Harvesting and Red-listed Plant Communities in the Coastal Douglas-fir Ecosystem of Vancouver Island.  The […]

Managing Forest Fuels

A 60-year history of fire suppression, insect and tree disease epidemics, and logging practices are all contributing to…

Forest Practices Board annual e-report details accomplishments

VICTORIA – The Forest Practices Board’s 2008-09 annual report, detailing the board’s accomplishments and key findings during the past fiscal year, was released today. The board carried out eight new audits; responded to over 50 inquiries, concerns and complaints from the public; and issued six special reports about issues in our forests that affect the […]