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Forest stewardship plans need improvement

VICTORIA – An investigation of forest stewardship plans, the primary plan governing forest activities on public land, concludes that most of these plans do not meet the public’s needs, are not enforceable by government and provide little in the way of innovative forest management. “The board previously looked at forest stewardship plans in 2006 and […]

New forest stewardship plans still lacking

VICTORIA – A followup report on implementing recommendations to improve forest stewardship plans has found some improvement in the quality of plans but concludes the recommendations have not yet been fully implemented. In August 2015, the board published a special investigation report called Forest Stewardship Plans: Are They Meeting Expectations? That investigation found the quality […]

New forest stewardship plans need more details, improved accountability

VICTORIA – The first forest stewardship plans (FSPs) under new results-based forestry legislation lack clear results, and make it difficult for the public and government to hold forest companies accountable, according to a Forest Practices Board special report released today. The board reviewed 15 of the first FSPs submitted by forest companies under the Forest […]

Follow-up Report on Forest Stewardship Plans: Are They Meeting Expectations?

In 2015, the Forest Practices Board published a special investigation report on forest stewardship plans (FSPs). The 2015 report findings were substantial, and the recommendations triggered a quick response from government in the form of non-legal direction and training for practitioners and government staff. Since the 2015 report came out, many FSPs have expired and […]