Cross Ditch

A ditch excavated across the road at an angle and at a sufficient depth, with armouring as appropriate, to divert both road surface water and ditch water off or across the road.

Cable Harvesting

A yarding method (the hauling/collecting of felled timber for storage) using cables, winches and grapples.

Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs)

Culturally modified trees are trees which have been altered, felled, marked, tested or partially harvested in the course of the traditional practices of First Nations peoples. Examples include trees with bark removed, stumps and felled logs, trees tested for soundness, trees chopped for pitch, trees with scars from plank removal, and trees delimbed for wood. Some kinds are common; others infrequent.


A culvert is one or more pipes, pipe arches, or structures below the road surface, used to let water flow from one side of the road to the other

Crown forested land base (CFLB)

The CFLB is the area of productive forested Crown land in a defined area. It does not include private land, non-forested areas like alpine, lakes, roads, or non-productive forest like brush. A proportion of old-growth targets can be located within the forested portion of parks, ecological reserves and other areas managed by the Crown. Within the CFLB, the area or amount of old-growth can be identified or located in constrained or inaccessible areas3 within the unit area to which the order applies, up to the target stated for each biogeoclimatic variant.


The face of an excavated bank required to lower the natural ground line to the desired road profile.


A specific area of land with defined boundaries, authorized for harvest.

Cultural Control

An invasive plant management practice that manipulates plant populations by cultivation, pulling, cutting, or other hand‐applied techniques.

Crown Range

Crown land included within the boundaries of a range district, but does not include Crown land that is subject to a lease issued under the Land Act.

Crown Land

Land that is owned by the government of Canada or the province of British Columbia.