Dugouts are earthen excavations designed to store water for use during drier times. Typically, reservoir capacity ranges from a thousand to tens of thousands of cubic metres. Reservoirs are water sources of necessity, because of the uncertainty of filling caused by annual variations in precipitation, and/or the problem of maintaining water quality. Dugouts vary on how they are supplied or capture water. Some of them will require a water license from the Province to divert and store water from a stream.

Domestic Water Intake

A domestic water intake is the point at which water is diverted from a stream for domestic purposes (e.g. human consumption, food preparation or sanitation and household purposes).

District Manager

The manager for a forest district established under the Forest ActRange Act, and Ministry of Forests and Range Act.


The scattering of plant seeds or movement of an animal to a new habitat.


An act, omission, decision, procedure, levy, order, or other action made or taken by an official under authority of the Forest and Range Practices Act or other legislation.

Desired Plant Community

A plant community that produces the kind, proportion and amount of vegetation necessary for meeting or exceeding the land use plan or activity objectives established for an ecological site.


Measures taken to stabilize roads and logging trails during periods of inactivity, which include control of drainage, removal of sidecast where necessary, and re-establishment of vegetation in preparation for permanent deactivation.