End Haul Construction

End haul construction refers to a type of road construction where materials removed in the road construction process are collected and transported to a dumping site instead of being side cast.


Elimination of every individual plant of an invasive plant population, including all viable seeds, and vegetative propagules.


An area fenced to exclude animals.


A forest stand or forest type in which relatively small (10-20 years) age differences exist between individual trees. Even-aged stands are often the result of fire or a harvesting method, such as clearcutting or the shelterwood method.

Equivalent Clearcut Area (ECA)

The equivalent clearcut area is the area that has been clearcut, with a reduction factor to account for the hydrological recovery due to forest regeneration and subsequent growth.

Ephemeral Drainage

An area of land where water drains away for brief, transient periods following an influx of moisture such as from localized snowmelt or heavy precipitation.


The sum of all external conditions that affect an organism or community and influence its development or existence.

Endangered Species

Any indigenous species, or sub‐species, threatened with imminent extinction throughout all, or most of its range.


Organisms together with their physical environment, forming an interacting system, inhabiting an identifiable space.