Mean Annual Increment (MAI)

The stand volume divided by stand age or the average growth per year of a tree or stand of trees.


Under the Forest and Range Practices Act, a forest licensees’ operational plan must include measures to deal with natural range barriers and invasive plants. The measures are documented actions a forest licensee commits to carrying-out if their forestry operations are likely to impact natural range barriers or result in the introduction or spread of invasive plants.


The term is not defined in the Forest and Range Practices Act, but it generally means to minimize or reduce the effects of an impact. For natural range barriers, to mitigate usually means the replacement of a natural barrier with a man-made barrier, like a fence.

Mineral Claims and Tenures

A legal title to the minerals on, or under, a specified area of land.

Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)

An agreement between ministers defining the roles and responsibilities of each ministry in relation to the other or others, with respect to matters over which the ministers have concurrent jurisdiction.

Mechanical Harvesting

The process of harvesting timber using mechanized means.

Mechanical Control

Control of invasive plants by physical and mechanical means such as plowing, tilling, chain sawing, and weed whacking.

Maximum Density

The maximum allowable stand density above which stands must be spaced to a target density of well-spaced acceptable stems to achieve free-growing status.

Manual Tree Topper

A professional climber who ascends trees to prepare them for helicopter harvest as part of the process of single stem harvesting.

Management Zone

The outer portion of a riparian management area situated adjacent to a stream, lake, or wetland and established to conserve and maintain the productivity of aquatic and riparian ecosystems when harvesting is permitted.