Timber Supply Review

A process, initiated in 1992, to regularly review the timber supply and the allowable annual cut (AAC) in each of the province’s 37 timber supply areas and 34 tree farm licences. Each review includes an estimate of the area’s long-term sustainable harvesting level and an analysis of projected timber supplies for the short term (20 years), medium term (21–100 years), and long term (200 years or more). Alternative AAC scenarios are investigated in terms of their timber supply, and environmental, economic, and social implications. The chief forester uses this information to determine the AACs for each management unit.

Timber Harvesting Land Base

Crown forest land within the timber supply area where timber harvesting is considered both acceptable and economically feasible, given objectives for all relevant forest values, existing timber quality, market values, and applicable technology

Trap Trees

Trap trees purposely attract the beetle population into pre-selected downed material so that adjacent standing timber is protected. Conventional trap trees are living, large diameter spruce which are felled to attract spruce beetles. Trap trees felled into the shade and left unbucked and unlimbed may absorb up to ten times the number of beetles a standing tree will absorb. Trap trees must be subsequently removed or treated to kill the trapped beetles.


Act of turning livestock out on the range at the beginning of the grazing season.

Tree Monkey

A professional climber who ascends trees to prepare them for helicopter harvest as part of the process of single stem harvesting.

Tree Farm Licence (TFL)

An area based tenure agreement that issues the rights to harvest an allowable annual cut in a specified area. These licences commit the licensee to manage the entire area under the general supervision of the Forest Service. Cutting from all lands requires Forest Service approval through the issuance of cutting permits. A TFL has a term of 25 years.


Treading underfoot; the damage to plants or soil brought about by movements or congestion of animals.

Tenure Holder

An individual, group or company that holds a licence agreement under the Forest Act or Range Act.