Unsound Practice

Where the auditor identifies a significant practice that, although found to be in compliance with the Forest and Range Practices Act or the Wildfire Act, is not considered to be sound management.

Ungulate Winter Range (UWR)

An area containing habitat that is necessary to meet the winter habitat requirements of an ungulate species. UWRs are based on the current understanding of ungulate habitat requirements in winter, as interpreted by the Ministry of Environment regional staff from current scientific and management literature, local knowledge, and other expertise from the region. Sections 9 and 12 of the Government Actions Regulation of the Forest and Range Practices Act outline the regulatory authority for establishing UWR.


The proportion of current year’s forage production that is consumed or destroyed by grazing animals. May refer either to a single species or to the vegetation as a whole.


Land elevated above a riparian area.

Undesirable Plant Species

Species that contribute negatively to the management objectives.


Any plants growing under the canopy formed by other plants, particularly herbaceous and shrub vegetation under a tree canopy.