Grants licensees the right to harvest a set volume (cubic metres) of timber within a specified timber supply area each year for the term of the licence; allows several licensees to operate in the same management unit. Examples include the larger and more common Forest Licence and the Timber Sale Licence.

Defined by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, VEG is of the stage at which regeneration is seen by the public as newly established forest. When VEG is achieved the forest cover generally blocks views of tree stumps, logging debris and bare ground. Distinctions in height, colour, and texture may remain between a cutblock and adjacent forest but the cutblock will no longer be seen as recently cut-over.

Are areas that could cause concern if forest practices or other resource development activities alter their visual appearance.

A resource management objective established by the district manager or contained in a higher level plan that reflects the desired level of visual quality based on the physical characteristics and social concern for the area.

Identification, classification and inventory of location and quality of visual resources and values.

The plants or plant parts, living or dead, which protect the ground surface. Cover may also refer to the area of ground cover by plants of one or more species.