Woodlot Licence

An area based agreement similar to a Tree Farm Licence, but on a smaller scale, and allows for small-scale forestry to be practiced in a described area (Crown and private) on a sustained or perpetual yield basis.


The wooded portion of a private property upon which small-scale forestry operations are carried out.

Windthrow (Blowdown)

A tree, or trees, uprooted by the wind.


An accumulation of slash, branchwood and debris on a harvested cutblock created to clear the ground for regeneration. Also refers to an accumulation of fill or surfacing material left on the road shoulder as a result of grading operations.


Standing trees that are resistant to breaking or windthrow from the wind.

Wildlife Habitat

Areas of land and water that support specific wildlife or groups of wildlife.

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

An area where human development meets or is intermingled with forest and grassland fuel types.

Wilderness Road

Industrial or forest service road no longer being used for the purpose of an industrial activity.


Areas characterized by soils that are usually saturated and support mostly water-loving plants.

Wet Meadow

A class of wetland having mineral soils which are periodically saturated. Dominant vegetation consists of water-tolerant grasses, sedges, rushes and forbs.