Impacts of Wildfire and Harvesting Near Silver Hills

Management of Furbearer Habitat near Windy Mountain

Closing Letter – Rose Swanson Mountain

Closing Letter – Colocation: Tree Farm Licence 44

Motorized and Industrial Use of the Columbia and Western Rail Trail

Compliance with Biodiversity Requirements in the Nahmint Watershed

Logging in Fisher Habitat near Prince George, BC

Management of Biodiversity in the Prince George Timber Supply Area

Road Maintenance and Landslides at Bernard Creek, on Kootenay Lake

Closing Letter – Wildlife Tree Retention

Elphinstone Logging Focus (the complainant), an environmental group based on the Sunshine Coast, asserted that several good candidates for wildlife trees in Timber Sale Licence (TSL) A93884 were cut down, while others retained as wildlife trees were of poorer quality. The complainant believes that this practice will result in diminishing biodiversity.

The complainant would like BCTS to retain all good quality wildlife trees and wants government to amend the Forest and Range Practices Act to require a two to three tree- length buffer around dead standing wildlife trees.