Daryl Spencer

Daryl Spencer, RPF, has worked for the Forest Practices Board since 2008

Daryl’s education consists of a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of British Columbia, and he has been a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) since 1990.

Prior to working for the Board, Daryl was involved with various board audits as a contractor, with responsibilities including harvest, planning, silviculture and roads auditor. As a generalist, Daryl continues to focus on resource planning, protection, harvesting, silviculture and road construction.

Before joining the Board, Daryl spent 10 years in various forest industry roles including area forester, management forester, harvest manager and district planner in forest companies such as Westar Timber, Evans Forest Products and Tasman Forestry. Subsequently, he worked as a consultant for 10 years, concentrating on resource planning, forest inventory and timber development.

Daryl has worked on these significant projects: Pilot Audit of Forest Soil Conservation; Pilot Range Audit: Compliance and Enforcement Audit on Range Activity in the Horsefly Forest District; Audit of Small Scale Salvage in the Kamloops Forest District; Soil Conservation Planning and Practices in the Quesnel and Vanderhoof Districts; Audit of Visual Resource Management – Headwaters Forest District.