Marie-Lou Lefrancois

Marie-Lou Lefrancois, RFP, joined the Forest Practices Board in May 2022.

Marie-Lou has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography from University of Montreal, and a Master of Science in Forest Ecology from the Centre of Forest Research from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She is a Registered Professional Forester (RPF).

Before joining the board, Marie-Lou worked in forest research, planning, operations and policy for over 16 years. As a consultant she worked on growth and yield, climate change, policy and statistics projects for academia, government and consulting firms. She joined the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources in 2011 working in authorizations, BCTS in 2014 as a planning forester, and the Competitiveness and Innovation branch in 2017 as a forest carbon advisor. She finally joined BCTS headquarters in 2019 as a Wildlife Resource Specialist and a stewardship policy forester, where she lead and collaborated on various partial harvesting initiatives all over the province. Marie-Lou lives in Smithers in the Skeena region.