Natasha Caverley

Natasha Caverley is a multi-racial Canadian of Algonquin (Whitney and Area Algonquins), Jamaican, and Irish heritage. She holds a M.Ed in Counselling Psychology and PhD in Organizational Studies from the University of Victoria. Natasha is a Canadian Certified Counsellor through the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association. She is a management consultant specializing in organizational behaviour, career counselling and development, and multicultural counselling.

Natasha has over 20 years of experience in workshop facilitation, management and organizational behaviour, and knowledge product development with an emphasis on Indigenous fire stewardship. She is a co-author of the book Blazing the Trail: Celebrating Indigenous Fire Stewardship and authored publications within professional Canadian and international-based counselling psychology, public administration, natural resource management, Indigenous studies, and human resource management journals/magazines. Natasha lives in North Saanich, BC.